Generally bindig terms of use

The user agrees to the following terms when registering on (called "Orbit 3" below).

Orbit 3 is a social community for Apollo 3 fans from all countries. Users can find pictures, news and other infrmation about the band  Apollo 3 and their fans and provide own content of this kind. Orbit 3 can be used free of charge and nonbinding. The entered data will not be passed to third parties for advertisement use but will be only used for the data processing of this website.



All user written posts in the forum and elsewhere on Orbit 3 keep property of Orbit 3 beyond the users membership. The user can not demand to delete posts. Posts will only be deleted in case of insult, affront, mobbing and other breaches of rules.


Usage of the website

The contents of Orbit 3 are for private, uncommercial use only.
In case of reissue, a reference to the copyright and other property must be provided.
The right of use expires when this rule is broken.



Orbit 3 contains hyperlinks to external websites. For the content of these websites no liability is assumed.
There is no influence on the presentation and the content of the linked websites.
The content of Orbit 3 is provided excluding all guarantee. Orbit 3 assumes no liability on the correctness, completeness, up-to-dateness and the suitability of the content for a particular purpose. 
Subject to mistakes, alterations and other errors. The user carries the risk for the usage of the contents on this website. No liability can be accepted for harm.
This disclaimer does not apply on intent and on liability that is required by law.
Furthermore Orbit 3 assumes no liability on lost data or damage by virus or other malware. In addition Orbit 3 assumes no liability on rule violations by users.


User provided content

The User is responsible for own provided content and the communication with other users (public and private). The user is obligated to protect third parties rights and interests, in particular the personal rights.
The user is obligated to not post content that viaolates the law or morality. The following contents are forbidden particularly:
  • Content that is against the law, no matter what kind
  • pornographic content
  • portrayal of violence and drug abuse
  • portrayal of radical opinion, political, religious or ideologically
  • threatened, racist, violence glorifying, detractive, pestering or offensive content
  • content that offense against the sense of decency of the average population or is unsuitable for children or adolescents

It is indifferent whether such content is distributed in communication with one or more users, on the profile page of a user or on other pages.
It is also indifferent whether such content is directed against other users of Orbit 3, other persons or companies. Also inadmissible are links to such content.
Orbit 3 is offered exclusively for private purposes. The user undertakes in particular:
  • …not to provide content that pursues commercial interests
  • …not to carry out or promote anti-competitive acts, including progressive canvassing (such as chain, or pyramid schemes)  
  • …not to use Orbit 3 for other nuisance actions against other users or staff of Orbit 3 (e.g. Stalking),    
  • …not to try to gain unauthorized access to data of third parties or to impair the function of Orbit 3 with technical devices or other actions and
  • …not to abuse the communication and forum systems of Orbit 3 for unwanted messages from the recipient (for example spamming, chain letters, etc.).

The user is responsible for ensuring that the content he provides on his profile page or elsewhere on Orbit 3 is free of viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other programs that can endanger the functioning or inventory of Orbit 3 or other websited.
The operator is not responsible for acts of exploitation of users on Orbit 3 or any other third.
If there is actual evidence to justify the suspicion that user provided content does not meet the requirements described above or infringe rights of third parties, the operator is entitled without further notice to block or delete this content or the users account. When deciding on the action to be taken the operator will take into account the legitimate interests of the user and the severity of the offense.


Subject to alterations

Modifications on Orbit 3 may be made without notification. There is no responsibility to update the content. In addition Orbit 3 gives no guarantee for correctness, up-to-dateness and completeness of the website.



Orbit 3 applies to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.
The access to Orbit 3 is at one's own risk, also outside the Federal Republic of Germany. The user is responsible for the compliance with national laws.