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Welcome to the first international online Apollo 3 fan community

Orbit 3 is an social community for Apollo 3 fans from all countries. You will find here informations, pictures, news and fans of Apollo 3. You can find friends who like Apollo 3 just like you do. You can write blogs, discuss in the forums, upload pictures to the public galleries or just see what other fans are saying.

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Latest News

Next gig on August 22

After long silence around Apollo 3 they'll have a gig this year. On the main stage of the Ballon Fiesta on Sunday, 22nd August 2010. The festival is going to take place on the Jahnwiesen in Cologne. The exact time i not known yet, but the music program is starting at 4pm an the ain stage. The Admission is free.

We don't know yet if they will play live. We will report when we get more info.

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